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Guidelines: Stitchipedia is very similiar to Wikipedia, as in you can add information, and edit any existing information at any time. The ultimate goal of Stitchipedia is to have the most complete and through list of experiments introduced in the Lilo & Stitch movies, Lilo & Stitch the Series, and Japanese Stitch! series. With that said, we would expect you to respect the data that is already contained within Stitchipedia, and only make changes and additions that would further reach us towards that goal. We encourage you to add experiments, fill in missing information and correct spelling and grammer. We do NOT encourage you to simply delete other user's data (without justifiable cause), start debates, make comments about other users or post your opinions about the experiment. Remember, facts only! With your cooperation and respect, this can be a great resource for Lilo & Stitch and Stitch! fans throughout the world! All additions/changes are logged and can be tracked. Any abuse of Stitchipedia will result in automatically being blocked from further visits, without notice.

Secret Files: This is where you get to have some fun. Create your own experiments! Choose a number (630-999), choose a name, choose a function and decide its one true place. Same guidelines apply. But you should only be editing data for the experiments you created in the Secret Files. Note: You can now add multiple expirements with the same experiment number in the Secret Files section ONLY.

Please Note: Experiment numbers 000-629 are not to be used to make up experiments or add experiments from your fan fictions. All data entered for experiments 000-629 are to be facts only, documented in the series, movies or elsewhere online. If you find false information in Stitchipedia, either correct it by editing the entry, or use the report link so we can review and delete the entry. Please keep your fan fiction experiments in the Secret Files section. If you are unsure whether or not to add an experiment, please contact us first. Mahalo.

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