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021Twang (Flute)

Designed to be an excellent liar and gain power from the attention and admiration of his musical ability.
(Does so by feeding off of peoples sympathy to grow stronger through playing music originating from Jumba's home planet).

One True Place:
With Kauai's Traveling Orchestra

Description/Other Information:
A yellow long-eared cat/rabbit-like experiment with a white stomach and orange heart-shaped markings on his forehead and all down her back, blue tufts of fur coming out of his ears, violet eyes, claws and toes, a red nose and a dog-like tail, and can receive sympathy by playing sad songs on many instruments (i.e Harmonica and Flute). He has three forms each form worse than the first becoming stronger with each form.

In his powered up form, Twang is not so cute as his fur turns a vulgar shade of green, his claws extend, he has and underbite, a bulbous red nose, and a hunched back, but over all he is much more muscular.

Experiment 021 failed in his original form because of how ugly and grotesque it was no one would listen to the music he played and therefor stayed weak. Able to play multiple instruments.

Capable of speaking fluent English.

021 also has superhuman intellect, able to work out complex problems in seconds.

Jumba never changed 021 back to his true form, and instead left him in Hämsterviel's transmuted form.

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