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Designed to have all of Stitch's powers, but he also has the ability to invisibility, electricity like sparky (221), plasma shoot like plasmoid (617), using elemental attacks, heat-beam eye blasts like heat (609), and ice breath. Reloy is also very physical, but also with plasma gun.

One True Place:
In jail.

Description/Other Information:
A bright green, antennaless, earless, spineless reptilian goanna-like experiment that he is Leroy's partner and Stitch's enemy, with rougher green scales, blue eyes, a slithering blue tongue, theropod dinosaur-like tail, reptilian-crocodilian face, a greenish yellow belly, Evile (627)-like body, a slightly deeper voice, whitish yellow teeth, tortoise-like feet with three elephant-like toes, a greenish yellow patch running from under his chin down to his stomach, and blue markings on the back and the near and the end of the tail as well as two extra, retractable arms and retractable claws on his front lizard-like paws. Jumba started creating him from a body template similar to Stitch, until Dr. Hämsterviel captured him and forced him to make a "new experiment". He also dresses in a blue-green uniform. After naming him "Reloy", Dr. Hämsterviel used a cloning machine to create an army, then sent the original Reloy down to Earth to capture the 624 experiments remaining there. Fortunately, Jumba secretly programmed a failsafe into Reloy before he was charged: If Reloy (or his clones) hears the song Aloha Oe, his nervous system will shut down, like Leroy. He is voiced by Paul St. Peter.

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