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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to control you. If she looks into your eyes and blinks, you're under her control. If she blinks a second time (does not have to be looking into your eyes), or is defeated, you are freed. She is a very silent experiment that seems to get along with others. In reality, she's waiting for the right time to take over everyone's minds.

One True Place:
Her one true place is in a big city, manipulating people just a little bit, and making them do good things.

Description/Other Information:
She is a small experiment with a dark purple Amnesio-like head (with smaller eyes near top of head) and a lighter purple forehead. She has an orange Angel-like body, with a furry, dark blue belly with a white "V" on it. Her ears are yellow on the inside and dark purple on the outside, her tail is orange blue with a green tip

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