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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to unravel clothes. (Does so by causing all types of cloth to unravel itself on contact).

One True Place:
With a fashion designer recycling old styles to be made into the next big thing.

Description/Other Information:
Interesting design. I have an idea for China, tell me what you think: an experiment that looks like a combination between a porcelain china doll and a panda (I don't know why, just because it would add to the cuteness). Her primary function can have something to do with either martial-arts (I realize Kixx has kick-boxing skills, but I mean like kung-fu), destroying porcelain china, or maybe she can be the Chinese version of Frenchfry, like how Britfood is the English version. What do you think? What a bizarre looking experiment? He's got a cool design, by the way. It looks like he has a rib cage. It was a mistake. I meant to put in an exclamation mark.

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