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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to have all the powers/strengths of Stitch, but he also has the ability to use venomous spines, acid, buzzsaw/ball, telekinesis, laser vision, plasma cannon blast, plasma shot, ice breath, fire breath, sonic roar, electric shock, energy blasts, radio, invisibility, super senses of hearing, super-strength powers, smell, and sight, and being invincible to guns, bombs, blades, lasers, lava, acid, and plasma. He can hear someone's coughing from 6 thousand miles away, can smell scents from up to 9 miles away, and can spot a jemstone the size of a quarter from 10 miles away. His claws and teeth can puncture anything, he can change his scale color to blend into his surroundings at will, much like a chameleon, making him invisible, and he has night-vision, heat-sensing vision, binocular vision, and ultraviolet light-sensing vision, which allows him to see creatures that have left their scent marks. He can also climb walls, roll into a ball and his antennae and back spikes can release green electricity. When stiffened, his back spikes act as blades, so he can cut through anything as he rolls around in a ball. His shape-shifting abilities and invisibility are similar to Leroy (629) and Reloy (630).

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A green and orange, dark purple nosed, monstrous, reptilian koala-like experiment that looks like a bigger, badder, ferocious, and reptilian version of Stitch, with the reptilian-crocodilian face, ear notches at the top of each ear, rougher green scales, orange patches around his eyes, a Evile (627)-like body, dark eyes, a gorilla-build chest, a crocodile-build wide mouth, a forked tongue, a theropod dinosaur-like tail, a slightly deeper voice, sharper yellow teeth, dark green markings on the back as well as six extra, retractable arms, three retractable spines on the back of his head, five retractable spines on his back, two retractable antennae on his head and retractable claws on his front and rear lizard-like paws. Gazar is pretty much pure evil and cannot be turned good, he will also kill as well. His weaknesses are Stitch uses super speed that runs faster, frenchfry, Angel's backward song paralyses his green heart and Aloha Oe.

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