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700(#1) Kitty

Designed to cut grass like Mulch (111), cut wood like Woody (507), return after being thrown like Boomer (288), snore annoyingly in it's sleep like Zawp (077), wrap stuff up like Wrapper (521), shred paper like Shredder (134), blow stuff up like Blowhard (533), take bad pictures like Pix (214), turn people polite like Manners (358), pinch like Gotchu (031), sing like Forhead (044), double dip food like Doubledip (002), spit acidic salvia like Hocker (051), drill like Derrick (566), turn everything into ham like Hamlette (024), depress others with constant rain like Cloudy (320), eat books so no knowledge is gained like Geigenstein (201), collect genetic samples for Jumba like Fetchit (090), and turn houses into docks like Docker (235).

One True Place:
With Mrs. Hasagawa and her cats.

Description/Other Information:
A female blue stitch like experiment who can transform into a part of all Mrs. Hasagawa's cats her weakness is she loses a battle with Kixx.

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