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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to alter product dates. (Does so by changing the dates on products, using it’s crest tip as a marker, to either say that they have gone out of date and therefore need to be disposed of and wasted or to say that the product has a longer shelf life so that when it is purchased it may well be out of date already.).

One True Place:
At a supermarket.

Description/Other Information:
Love the crest. Thank you, She uses it like a tentacle and it also contains ink that she uses to change the dates on products. She reminds me of 610: Witch a bit. But without the bat ears and sting ray-like body. Like a sharpie. and A few years later, she works as a price tagger as Wal-Mart! XD In all seriousness, this is another good experiment. And the powers make her the perfect swindler, too if she ever works with Slick!

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