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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to smash electric light sources. (Does so by shooting through the air like a small bolt of electricity and is drawn to electrical light sources.).

One True Place:
An Electrician's assistant.

Description/Other Information:
Absorbs electricity with every smashed bulb making him faster and more dangerous, when in flight experiment 118 glows brightly.

Yes exactly, I like to think of him as an early attempt of creating experiment 603. :) I'd have went with an electric generator for a power plant (as you basically feed it lightbulbs which in turn make it go faster), essentially making him the worlds most electrifying hamster. I wouldn't really put him in a power plant seen as experiment 436 - Steve is already the perfect power generator experiment and i don't really want to use too many experiments for the same job, Does that make sense? Or, he could be reprogrammed to fix light bulbs, and become an Electrician's assistant. I like the idea of him being an Electrician's assistant but i'm not convinced that he would be able to repair bulbs in any way, maybe he could help to detect electrical currents so that his partner doesn't get electrocuted. :) Okay. That sounds good. Keep up with the experiments, okay? and I'm not sure that he would be the best experiment to put into a learning environment, but thank you for the suggestion. :)

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