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636(#1) Stimar

Designed to have all of Stitch's powers, but he also has the ability to invisibility, electricity like Sparky (221), plasma shoot like Plasmoid (617), using elemental attacks, heat-beam eye blasts like Heat (609), fire breath, lava shoots, and ice breath. Stimar is also very physical, but also with plasma gun.

One True Place:
In the Galactic Prison.

Description/Other Information:
He looks half-koala and half-lizard with red-orange scales, a reptilian crocodile-like face, dark crimson nose, a reptilian dinosaur-like tail, ears and body similar to Evile (627), antennae similar to Leroy, tortoise-like feet with three elephant-like toes, a yellowish orange patch running from under his chin down to his stomach, dark red markings on the back of his head, his back, and his tail as well as two extra, retractable arms and retractable claws on his front lizard-like paws, two bent retractable antennae on his head, three bent retractable spines on the back of his head, his back and his tail and retractable claws on his front and back paws. Jumba created this ultimate killer monster, but the result was over succeded. He couldn't control Stimar, the experiment 636 until he finally suspend and locked him away in a volcanic planet. Stimar escaped and turned into the meteorite-like chrysalis made out of molten rock which falls into the Earth and is found by the scientist and taken to the church as an exhibit, not even Stitch could stop him. Only when Reuben was defeated did Stimar reveal himself, planning to kidnap Angel and to destroy Stitch. He hatched out the meteorite and grab Stitch's leg and put him on the ground, promising that he will meet again.

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