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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to have all of Stitch's powers, but he also has demonstrated great craftiness, speed, and strength and the ability to have fire breath, lava shoots, and ice breath, to grow to giant size and to morph his hands into a number of weapons. He eventually turns to his normal size.

One True Place:
In the Galactic Prison.

Description/Other Information:
Blood red, roughly, reptilian koala/bulldog/dragon-like experiment with a dark blue scar over his left eye, and three horn like protrusions on each side and the center of his head. He has a mahogany nose, claws, toes, and tips of antennae, a gold/yellowish orange patches around his eyes, a black left eye, a yellow reptilian right eye, a gold/yellowish orange stomach from his chin down, dark red markings on the back of his head and on his back, pointed frilly ears with red-orange insides, yellow teeth, a reptilian dinosaur-like tail, and a slightly deeper hissing voice as well as two extra, retractable arms, two bent retractable antennae on his head, three bent retractable spines on his back and retractable claws on his front and back paws.

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