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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to turn things inside out. (Does so by a single touch of any of his long fingers).

One True Place:
Checking the contents of bags at the airport, Teal and pale yellow. Great colour combo.

Description/Other Information:
Does not always work, and is more effective on inanimate objects.

He looks like he's about to clap his hands or perform magic tricks, I swear to God, he looks like a teddy bear with a human-esque skull, Love his colours. Very true to the comic, I'd hate to see him turn humans inside out. Imagine how gruesome that would be, But thank God you made him turn objects inside out, That's a great drawing of Inverto, That's good thinking, Batman, He looks like a creepy teddy bear that looks like he should be a part of Five Nights at Freddie's, and And most likely loves warm hugs like Olaf-like Experiment.

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