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Primary Function:Ninja skills exceeding the legend Green Ninja [[Gold Ninja (Lloyd)]]
Uno can produce fire from any limb of his body, and can split his molucules to phase through objects, and his molecules are made of gravitons, which resist gravity allowing flight.

One True Place:
In a mythical dimension availible exclusively via portal located in the heart of middle earth.

Description/Other Information:
A humanoid figure carrying brown hair and (to some extent) fur. Brown eyes and the rare black pupils.

A dragon-like figure covered in blue scales (fur), and black eyes with brown slits/pupils. Red flesh stretching across his wings. Resemblance to Smoug.

A teal python of average size with flaming fangs, and eyes resembling that of his dragon form.

Human= Ninja Form
Dragon= Strength Form
Python= Stealth Form

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