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Lava and thermal manipulation. She can convert herself into the former, especially for mobility through volcanic streams. Can withstand and lift roughly 1.5 times her weight, and roll up her bones for a ball-like figure, which she will light on fire on instinct.

One True Place:
In major places of volcanic activity, where she can play endlessly in the heat.

Description/Other Information:
A tall, koala-like experiment with a very dark, navy-blue body with a lavender underbelly and a "V"-shaped symbol on her chest. The insiders of her paws, and her toes, are orange in color. She has a sky blue head, large compared to her body, with a lighter blue lower jaw, and large, cute eyes. She has pink ears, small and floppy, and three stubby antennae, orange with purple zig-zags on it, and olive-green patches extend upward from her eyes, with tiny red dots on it. Her tail is green with three stubs sticking out, and at an angle it looks like a snail's face, and three red markings rest on it, orange lines graphing it.

After activation near an entrance to a volcanic stream, Shooty went through it and ended up in a volcano on a nearby island, scarcely seen by Lilo. She was named by a little girl who spotter her once.

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