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Designed to produce virus-containing maize [corn] and/or infect already planted crops.

Her ability is reversible, only by will though, she can produce modified corn for the better.

His tissue is slightly disconnected, and perform as cannons for the modified corn seeds.

One True Place:
There is a argument over Lilo's want to put him in the farm, and Stitch's belief he would be better with Belle (700).

Description/Other Information:
A pink, tall, skinny experiment with a green underbelly. He has a regular-looking tail with a white tip, with gray pellets inside the white. His head is large and round, purple in color, with two black ears flopping to one side and red insides, with an orange crack-like design. His eyes are slightly larger than average, yet slightly smaller than it should be on the size of his head, with a red patch extending upwards with an orange crack-like design. He has a rough arrow-like marking with a design like his eye-patches and tail-tip, red with orange cracks. He has three stubby antennae with the former design, and his lower jaw is orange with purple zig-zags.

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