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711(#1) Parasite

Primary Function: Injection of various infections. Almost every limb of his body can inject the fluids used, including his antennae, his claws, and his tail, which contain a form of syringe-like item or structure, ranging from pure injecting to grasping the victim and injecting through small fang-like bones or sharp fibers. He has knowledge in 98.98989% of the species of six galaxy's nervous systems, making him usually strike at main nerves for paralyses effects. He has a gap between layers of his tissue which fill with the chosen venom, which display and alter the color of his underbelly and markings, however his claws are altered as well due to them being SiO2-based. Parasite can lift roughly 2000 times his weight, yet he weighs about three times more than Stitch/626. His lack of the ability to scale walls is made up in the length of his claws, as he can use them to climb. He has an expanding nozzle-like nose which can absorb any form of molecule in the air to convert into energy for various uses. He can see in multiple visions, most of them unique to him,

One True Place:
Working with various science companies to create new medicines.

Description/Other Information:
A large, purple, buff experiment with the basic koala structure, an interesting-shaped head with large tear-drop shaped eyes- varying in color- and a long, dull, spike-like bone sticking out of the back of his head with a clear marking on it. He has a clear arrow shaped marking with two long antennae with claw shaped ends. He has a tiny hole for a nose, and two dull fangs coming out the sides of his mouth. His underbelly and lower jaw are clear, and so are the markings on his arms, and five extending, clear claws sticking out of them where his hands should be. He has a medium-length tail with two clear markings and three extending stubs that can clasp on a target.

Every part of his body that is clear will be basically "filled" with the venom or fluid he is about to inject, examples of, but not limited to, the following colors:
Yellow: A fluid that is structured off superconductive liquid- and is prone to electrocute targets at the slightest spark.
Green: A snake-like venom needed to be treated immediately.
Pink: Paralyses.
Blue: Temporal hypnosis to fulfill desires.
Black: Bubonic samples.
Red: Sulfur injection.
Purple: Nerve infection.
Gray: Short-ranged amnesia.

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