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Dynamic Drive
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Primary Function: Spawns malicious avians. Oculars release the turrain creatures through semi-liquefaction of the cornea and temporal disconnection of the optic nerves. True extent of basic attributes are unknown

One True Place:
Employee and founder of a popular Avairy.

Description/Other Information:
A light yellow experiment with a skinny body and a pale turquoise underbelly. He has tuffs of green flesh on his lower torso resembling a hula skirt, and he has webbed feet and bent legs. He has a pink tail and a red tip with a single orange line zig-zagging through the tip. He has small, purple wings with pale, dark sea-green middles. His head is the size of his body, with just his feet exceptionable. His black eyes are exceptionally big, even compared to 383/Swirly, and start to spin with mind-tingling colors when liquefying. His nose is abnormally small, and he has three stubby, golden antannae. His gray ears stick to the sides with vomit-green with small red dots.

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