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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to translate all languages. (Does so by using her dish like nose to draw in sound waves and when the sound waves bounce out of her nose they become understandable to anyone who hears them.).

One True Place:
Working with the galactic armada as a universal translator.

Description/Other Information:
The tip of experiment 125's nose flashes when it is translating sound waves.

That is a cool design for an experiment. I love her megaphone snout and the colours you gave her. Thanks and it wasn't supposed to look like a megaphone, she is supposed to look like a pylon tower and satellite dish.Reminds me of a little long neck dinosaur. I like where Sketch was going with this one. I like it too! Th fan made one that was uploaded awhile back by someone I can't remember off the top of my head was really nice too, but this design takes the cake.

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We got overwhelmed with reports.
So we are improving the reporting system so experiments don't get
double and triple reported. And we can address them quicker.
For now, just email us the experiment numbers you want deleted.
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