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630Clone (#H61)

His real number is #H61.
Primary function: locating experiments made by Dr. Jumba Jookiba, defeating #626 Stitch, cloning endlessly using #344 Dupe.

Created by Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel using #626 Stitch's copy made by #344 Dupe. Designed to destroy #626 and catch all other experiments. Hämsterviel managed to restore almost all of Stitch's powers and make Clone immune to #344's power dividing (every clone of #H61 is exactly the same as original #H61), however, during the creation process of the experiment a hair of #625 Reuben got into it, causig few genetic changes.

One True Place:
He escaped from Dr Hämsterviel and got lost in outer space.

Description/Other Information:
A clone of #626, with a few minor changes. He's dark green (blue color of #626 x golden color of #625) with black claws and toes, long tail and just two retractable spines on his back. His right foot is signed with the text saying "Property of Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel" Despite being almost as intelligent as Stitch, he doesn't have any sense of direction. He speaks English but often he messes with grammar and vocabluary (for example he says "car" or "destroy" instead of "spaceship"). He loves sandwitches but can't do them on his own, instead he steals them from Reuben. His pod's colour is octarine.

"H" in his number means that he's created by Hämsterviel and "61" means that he's the first experiment of Jumba's 6-series clones.

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