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Designed to steal cutlery and utensils making it so that people have to eat with their hands in a most uncivilised manner. (Does so by using his stealthy movement).

One True Place:
Working for a catering service laying the tables and serving food.

Description/Other Information:
Working for a catering service laying the tables and serving food, He looks like Woops, but with a more appealing appearance, along with a possible child-like innocence like Woops, Also, he looks like someone I'd see in Winnie the Pooh. Judging by the tiny eyes and eye brows, Also, there is a red experiment with a black nose in the comic book, along with a koala-like experiment that looks like an actual koala, I can understand why he's grey, though. He's meant to resemble a spoon regarding his head shape and his primary function as a cutlery thief. Would you class his function to be a cutlery thief?, I like the way you drew his head and face, Hmm.. He seems a simple sort of experiment, but in a good way. I like it-like experiment.

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