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725Heinz Sweinz

Do almost anything.

One True Place:
He lives actual with Stitch. But sometimes lives in the mountains and jungles of Kauai.

Description/Other Information:
It is a joint experiment. He has the agility and strength of the nose Stitch Experiment 626, Henry Hugglemonster head, eyes, kindness and loveliness that Mr. Stenchy Experiment 254, Experiment 627 Evile mouth, ears Jerry Mouse, Tigger stripes and skin that brain of Dr. Jumba Jookiba, his neck Stopgo Experiment 102 a body similar to that of Experiment 625 Reuben, yellow teeth like Leroy and Tigger, special sign of Angel Experiment 624, Pleakley's artistic sense and many other physical qualities and skills asscunse. Has at least four claw hands Mangloyd Upmordian Fearsome Four. It was made ​​from genetically modified DNA of Dr. Jumba Jookiba and other aliens of which is made ​​Stitch. Does any language. Also at least one of the two aliens used in the creation of Mr Stenchy and another to the creation of Stopgo. It is the most advanced experiment finished on 22-23,12,2013.It can be just like Stitch and other creatures (except transparent microscopic point called poin conversion).

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