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Dynamic Drive
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All power of all experements can learn anything my watching someone do something has invisibility, matrix attacks, somethimes dance moves for fighting, flips to dodge and can doge in matrix , able to control anybody by them looking into eyes, able to distroy 626, water makes able to get muscular, bulky, all power goes 1000% better! Able to Create anything pokey ears and sharpest claws in galaxy able to teleport and shapeshift

One True Place:
Doesn't got a place to live so explores the world and the outer planet also comes to greet friends

Description/Other Information:
Is something like 626 but orange but as pointy ears and class underbelly is blackish orange nose is better than a blood hound super classed blaster (shooter better than gantu) has so many boasters in poach in belly like a kangaroo able to talk but has bad grammar but has brain of Albert Einstein but 100000000% BETTER.
Smoke bomb that is Silvia has horns like ententes that is like Elastico it can stretch can shapeshift self to be anything
Stronger than any experiments

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