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Ultimate experiment:
can summon all reformed experiments at once and direct all towards a target in which to battle. however, after doing so, takes 500 earth days to recharge power.

One True Place:
voluntarily in pod form with stitch until needed or simply wanted.

Description/Other Information:
Personality: 911 (referring to 9-1-1, emergency, like what she is used for) is brave and always willing to help out. though having the experiment rollcall ability, which is why it is called the ultimate experiment, roundhouse prefers to be in pod form until she is needed.

Appearance: see link when available

Special Abilities: opens eye on forehead to activate her rollcall power. the blue dome on her head indicates the experiment she is currently summoning, as she usually summons them in order. the grid like oval on her stomach can generate the picture of any experiment, their power, various information about them, and their current location. the six spots around the oval on her stomach each have their own color (blue, pirple, white, red, green, yellow) each spot capable of releasing a portal that summons an experiment that has a pod of that color. she can also remember anything she hears, sees, feels, tastes, or touches, which explains her extensive memory and why she knows almost everything about every experiment. although she can tell the location of any experiment, she is only able to do this while summoning them. she also serves as a super advanced calculator with her grid like stomach.

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