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631(#1) Suno or Scrump (01A)

Designed to agility in trees, can clime walls, highly evolved hearing and eyesight.

Power:agility in trees, can clime walls, highly evolved hearing and eyesight.
Weakness: can't walk on two legs without a brace for very long.
Story: She was not made by Jumba but an old class mate of his named Suno. Suno was always fascinated by Jumba's work in creating new life. Suno made 01A to be his assistant and companion. She was not created to be evil and never will be. She was never told of the other 629 (including 627,628, and Leroy) experiments. She found that out by herself.

One True Place:
The Great Kingdom of All of Us Other All of Real Pokemon Species and Legends & Mysore Palace.

Description/Other Information:
Suno or Scrump resembles a cross between a koala and a dog with green fur, large rabbit-like ears with pink insides, a wide mouth, a navy round nose, navy claws and toes, black eyes, a small, short, stubby tail, two nose wrinkles, one chin wrinkle, three tuffs of sharp hair on top of his head and on his chest as well as two extra, retractable arms, three retractable spines that run down his back, sharp retractable claws on his front and back paws and two retractable antennae on his head.
His weakness is that he sinks in water.

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