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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to be aggressive, hostile and physically harmful to people and other experiments. In other words, she is a fighter. She used to be friends with Freddie(810) and Carly(808) and all three experiments do a web show like iCarly on Nick.

One True Place:
Sam used to be with 808 and 810, but Carly went to Italy and Freddie stayed in Seattle. So now, Sam stayed in L.A. with a new experiment: Cat (812) as roommates like the show Sam & Cat.

Description/Other Information:
Sam is a tall blue 624 with a black belt on her head,has long blonde 624-like yellow antennas, a peach colored stomach with a pink star on her chest, light teal eyes, and a dark blue lightning bolt on her back. Sometimes she wears a black leather jacket an she rides a black motorcycle.

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