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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to sing Angel's evil siren song in English. Her song can also be sung backwards but the same as Angel's song.Emma(726) likes Jen because of her singing and the way she looks. Jen also sometimes likes to play soccer when she doesn't have nothing to do, but usually has concerts.

One True Place:
Jen usually plays on a soccer team with 5 different experiments: Tiago(825), Cecil(824), Sebi(826), Lautaro(823), and Afram(800), but she has important concerts to go through, so her true place is going around on a world tour doing concerts. Sometimes she visits Emma.

Description/Other Information:
Jen is like a light blue short Angel-like experiment with a light blue fox tail with a thick white tip on her tail. She has dark blue eyes like Angel's, a blue nose, a very light blue chest with a white heart on her chest and orange long hair and a blue Angel-like heart symbol on her back.

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