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Primary Function: Water Spray Inducer. Absorbs water and sprays it out of his mouth. One Weakness for 661: Experiment 523 AKA Slushy. Slushy's freeze inducing powers can turn SpongeBob's water into ice. Also, Spongebob can spray out boiling water.

One True Place:
He is used as a water hose and sprinkler for pools and spraying lawns downtown.

Description/Other Information:
SpongeBob is a yellow Koala-like experiment with a slender Sparky/Stitch-like body, sky blue eyes, Swirly-like ears, blue tongue and sky blue inside the mouth, no claws on his hands, clawed feet, a strong prehensile Sparky-like tail and two front teeth always show when his mouth is open and/or closed. He also has sparky-like antennas that

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