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845(#1) Easterbunbun

She was the first experiment activated after all of the rest of the experiments where done. She was designed to hide easter eggs but instead since she was a failed experiment she hid all of the possessions of Jumba and the rest of the gang. Jumba let her leave after he found out that she had the experiment pods. he thought that this would be the perfect moment to activate the pods. But the only way that she was activated was that Jumba thought that the experiment pod was a pill that he was forced to take from Pleakley. So because of this pill problem he had about ten pods left the Easterbunbun didnt take and in these 15 pods he had Snowflake, Magnetico, Sobat, Spinetus, X-raytoose, Detonator, Furl, Aquife', Momentum, Sproder, Nachola, Ninjor, Wildfire, Ramergon, and Mirro. With this excuse he activated the 15 pods and caused as much havoc as he could. but in the mean time he checked up on Easterbunbun. He saw that she hid all of the eggs on the island before Easter. Lilo had a weird shock in her eye when she saw the experiments that where loose. She asked jumba wat was wrong and he said that an experiment was activated by accident and got these 15 experiment pods and escaped to diffrent parts of the island. Since Easterbunbun got all of the experiment pods and she doesnt like wetness she doesnt activate them she only keeps a stash of the experiments in the dryest place on the island... the basement of Dr. Desrtrum. Dr. Desrtrumis the most feared person on the island other than the experiments when they are still evil. And since he knows jumbas evil plan he told Easterbunbun that no one will find the pods in the his basement. So she gave him the pods and now the pods are under the control of Dr. Desertrum. Now he conrols when ever he wants to let them out. Inside his lab he sees what the experiments are capable of. He has the case of the experiments that Jumba used to have to see how the evil experiments work and see what they do and see what the personality is. And worse of all when ever Jumba makes a new experiment Dr. Desertrum he gets Easterbunbun to spy on Jumba and sees what the experiment can do. After a day or two she goes to Desertrum and tells him what the experiment does so Desertrum could start catologing the experiment. After he catologs the experiment he tells Easterbunbun to go to get the experiment pod. And with this he kidnapped Easterbunbun. But since she sees him making the experiments one day she escaped and went back to Jumba's ship. After that Jumba locked her. But one day Lilo came to the ship so she can tell Jumba about her driver licence. And she saw this experiment and asked if she was an experiment from the point 5 series made by Desertrum. Sadly Jumba said no and said that she was experiment 845 and there where more. Lilo got furious at Jumba and called the experiment Easterbunbun because she looked like a rabbit & also because Jumba had told Lilo the experiment was activated on Easter. After that Lilo got Stitch, Easterbunbun, and an experiment called Dsrtrum (1045)that is able to talk out Desertrum from anything. So Lilo went to Desertrum and got himself into giving the experiments back. But before Lilo was able to get the experiments to saftey Dsrtrum got the experiments and went into Spaceship(1046) and let the experiments all over the island making it rain experiment pods. And after this the experiments where scattered all over the island Lilo got the nice new car Nani bought her and drove around to find the experiments but the experiments where untrackable. And the only way for the experiments to be found was to use the gear Easterbunbun made with her tail that could lay anythings in her eggs. Lilo thought there was nothing to worry about but she forgot about Hamsterveil and Desertrum looking for these experiments.

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