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926(#1) Sobat

Designed to make you cry and make you feel guilty. He also can predict if you’re lying or not. Sobat’s abilities also include acid tears and to camouflage with its surroundings. Its fears are many but the most fearful things are dark places and to be wet. In this episode lilo gets some wining problems with Nani as well as lilo telling the truth about her secrets but when Sobat comes into her life EVERYTHING changes. After Sobat ruins her life an experiment called Ganty (923) takes him in. Yet he makes him guilty with all of the things that has done wrong. So he kicks him out of his ship and into a dark moist cave where Sobat gets lost. Sobat appears to cry and with his loud screech Lilo hears him from far away. So lilo tells stitch that she needs backup to get Sobat out of the cave. When Sobat comes out lilo puts a collar around his neck saying “Sobat”. After that she puts him in the courthouse so he could be there as his one true place to live at.

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