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631Sirius Danger

His primary function is to absorb other ability of any living thing. For example If he makes contact with Experiment 606 on his left foot for more than 7 seconds he will have the ability to created black holes at will.

One True Place:
The one true place he belongs is as a galactic guard. He absorbs all the prisoners ability and if anyone tries to escape he uses their abilities against them.

Description/Other Information:
Around a year after the defeat of Leroy Jumba secretly created a new experiment with all the abilities of 626 plus more. Carelessly he put too much D.N.A molecules in and created 3 experiments that share the same function and pod. Jumba also unknowingly put the pod in his pocket as he went to a hot tub. They got activated and plotted to catch every experiment and steal their powers to take over the galaxy. They got around half of them until Lilo and Stitch found them and caught them. With the powers of the other experiments they managed to escape and badly injured Stitch. Lilo gathered all the other experiments and battled an enormous battle. Afterwards lilo had Angel to sing her song to them. However only 631 was male so it only worked on him. They send the three experiments away to a distant planet so that 631 could teach the other two experiment how to be good in peace.

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