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He is programed to be lucky on everything he does mostly on luck based events. Is skilled in combat and was made to eliminate experiment 626.

One True Place:
Running an old casino, and being the main attraction of it.

Description/Other Information:
Resembles Stitch, except slightly taller and with pointier ears and a long tail with a bit of fluff at the end. He has white fur with red at the ear tips and black stripes on the tail. Red diamonds under his eyes, a red heart on his forehead, black clovers running down his back ending at his tail,as well as on his knees, and a large black spade on his chest. Black sharp claws and green eyes.

Likes: Card games, Magic, Illusions, Good Luck, Control, Pranking
Dislikes: Bad Luck, Losing, Serious people

Other: Is Childish, Immature, Caring, Fun-Loving, and Daring.

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