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Dynamic Drive
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Crystallizing hostile forces. Also able to walk on walls can lift 200 times her weight and can shapeshift but only on herself.

One True Place:
At a rock store in Hawaii turning old rocks into precious gems. Japan version she lives with Yuna and Stitch.

Description/Other Information:
a cat like experiment with large stitch like eyes she is very fluffy. She has a curvy body and she is black and Aqua. She has ears that fold behind her head and end with crystal like tips. She has a Gigi like tail but more puffy. She has a huge crush on Elastico (345), she loves being weird, and doesn't care what people think about her, even if she's making a fool of herself. She can be sometimes full of herself, and if you ask her to describe herself in three words, she would say fluffy, hot, and breath-taking. She's definitely a special experiment, but really she's just like all the other ones. She is 3 ft. tall, and weighs 47 lbs., and her best friend is blaze (631). ~Meow~ 🐱

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