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639Miranda Cosgrove's Mytical Experiment

Design to make Stitch and Hugglemonster Nickelodeon watchers to Miranda Cosgrove and Jeanette Mccurdy and reverse at Disney Junior instead Nickelodeon. It like vomiting on both them.

One True Place:
At shopping with Chris and Tom Cogrove, but in reality he is invented and not realy exist ad not have an real one true place.

Description/Other Information:
He was invented. He was not created and is mytical. He need a number. His nickname is 639 (Sixtranon). He is real indencical with Miranda Cosgrove but has a estrange gender and sometimes can be shaped very like Jeanette Mccurdy. His/Her gender is female at most of body except below the waist in front who is male. It has a round nose and retractable experiment features. Speak an estrange language instead most tantalog words but is some similary Magnalcust (Meega Nala Queesta), Ich (Ih), Naca (Naga), Achaba (Achi-Baba) and El Minestronkeeait (EL Kyotai). He is in my mith a gangster who traveling and go to interstellar shoppings. He is very evil in reality and destroy the air and eat and drink the matter. He hurt any creature except for people who are not mentioned above excepting the Hawaiian unite and unite Africans and Bob Iger and Regis Philbim. She hunt cunt and nipple to turn eat in juice for his/her offsprings. He/She turn in nori sheet his wife Mrs. Myoffspringsmomanddad because he/she hate this hermaphrodite. They are only myths.

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