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646(#1) Lavar

Designed to have all the powers/strengths of Stitch and 20 other experiments, but none of their weaknesses, and absolutely no ability to turn to good. Lavar was mostly stronger and healthier than Stitch. Lavar's other powers include telekinesis, electricity, plasma shoot and fire breath. He can lift objects 10,000 times his own weight and size and be invincible to guns, bombs, blades, lasers, lava, acid, and plasma. He can hear someone's breathing from 3 thousand miles away, can smell scents from up to 9 miles away, and can spot a jemstone the size of a quarter from 10 miles away. His claws and teeth can puncture anything, and he has night-vision, heat-sensing vision, binocular vision, and ultraviolet light-sensing vision, which allows him to see animals that have left their scent marks. He can use shoots and breaths of red fire. He climbs wall, curls into a ball and rolls with incredible speed, dealing heavy damage to anything it hits, and his antennae and back spikes can release electricity. When stiffened, his back spikes act as blades, so he can cut through anything as he rolls around in a ball. He has a new ability is to glow light red and he can control the opponent, when he has the telekinetic and special abilities of genies, wizards, imps, goblins and hindu gods, he is acidproof, explosionproof, bulletproof, fireproof and plasmaproof, he is smart faster than a supercomputer and more powerful than a super phenomenal cosmic powers and semi-phenomenal nearic cosmic powers. He is absorbing electric and fire powers. He is stronger than Stitch and the other experiments. He can use powerful beams of red energy through their eyes. He can drool molten acidic saliva that burns on the ground, filled with dirt and rock. Like Stitch, Lavar can grab the pure plasma burst in his hand and hurl it back, but Stimar is more crafty, he catches it, shoves it in his mouth, waits for it to get to critical point and unleashes it as a huge plasma cannon blast, being capable of destroying a full house in one blast. Lavar, like Stitch, can be used as a sound amplifier and radio, for Lavar, yet he can put his finger on a record player, open his mouth and play music but he can also walk around while being a portable radio. He opens his mouth and pops his antenae out which receive radio signals. Lavar speaks English, and Tantalog (Stitch's language) and also communicates by growling, hissing, roaring, laughing and snarling.
In accordance with his function, and since fuels are substances that produce lots of energy by being burned (and are very flammable), he breathes fire. This would allow his to run about quickly setting fire to all objects that fall into the category 'planetary fuel'. And in case burning it isn't enough, he has super-strength powers, but there's a trick to it. In order to access his incredible strength abilities, hormones have to be released to travel through the bloodstream to his muscles and overload them, and they also make all of the cells in his body heat up, enhancing his flamethrower.

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Lavar is Stitch's arch-enemy, who is red, and orange, conehead, blue-eyed, reptilian, monstrous experiment with red rougher scales, and human-like stance that has traits of a dinosaur, and the mythical salamander, resembling a cross between komodo dragon, dinosaur, French bulldog, koala, lizard and reptilian-crocodilian creature with two to six extra, retractable arms and black, sharp retractable claws on his front hands and feet. He looks like a bigger, badder, worse-mannered, and reptilian version of Stitch, with the same face expression, ear notches at the top of each ear, Evile (627)-like body, a large crab-like right arm that shoots fire blasts, a reptilian dinosaur-like tail, four retractable spines that run down his back (the first and last spine are the shortest, the second spine is the longest, then medium), black sharp retractable claws on his front and back paws, retractable antennae, and an extra retractable head as well. He's got no hair on his head. He also have scales, instead of fur. His scales is bright red and his reptilian bat-like face is reminiscent of the features of a crocodile, his three toed-feet are reminiscent of the features, and his long tail is reminiscent of the fatures of a dinosaur and komodo dragon, with his reptilian/mammalian heritage underlined by his slithering Alien/chameleon-like forked tongue that shoots blue plasma blasts. He has blue eyes with yellow-orange spots around them and dark red Stitch-like markings on the back of his head, on his back, arms and legs and end of his tail. He has the ability to change its appearance, but only to retract a second to fourth set of arms, his claws, his antennae, as well as three spines on his back and two extra sets of heads, and produce a swell of saliva in the form of an acidic chemical which can cause damage. He is the first experiment to be created on Earth with limited alien technology and without Dr. Hämsterviel's funding and serves as Stitch's bitter, villainous rival.

Lavar is the Experiment 646 who is created by Jumba Jookiba in an attempt to create a monstrosity whose only purpose is to destroy large cities and "steal everyone's left shoe when Dr. Hämsterviel captured him and forced him to make a "reptilian version" of 626, possibly related to Leroy, the movie's main villain. He is an evil experiment who has the element of fire. His weaknesses are Stitch uses his super speed, and Aloha Oe. He is voiced by Chris Sanders in original series and Keith David in anime in English dub.

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