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650(#1) Terrorcroc

Has the same abilities as Stitch, but he is mutated from anaconda, crocodile, komodo dragon, gecko, and Stitch's DNA.

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Description/Other Information:
Terrorcroc is Stitch's arch-enemy, resembling a mixture of several animals, including a komodo dragon, crocodile, French bulldog, koala, and lizard. He stands at around 3 feet 6 inches tall (approximately 1 meter) and is three shades of green. Terrorcroc is coated with green scales, with yellow green patches around his eyes, a yellow green patch running from under his chin down to his stomach, darker patches on the back of his head and on his back as well. A domed olive green round nose rests in the center of his face, between large orange, tear-shaped eyes. Sharp teeth reside in the wide mouth, along with a long blue forked tongue. He has blue insides of his ears, clawed hands and stubby tortoise-like legs that have 3 shorter claws themselves. A reptilian tail juts out from his rear. Normally, he would have four arms, two antennae next to his large, long, olive-tipped bat-like frilly ears, his mouth is shaped like that of a crocodile, and a lizard rather than a bat, and three venomous porcupine-like spines coming from the middle of his back. He has olive, sharp retractable claws on his front and back paws. He retracts two of his arms, the antennae and the spines, giving him the appearance of a reptile. He has three fingers on each hand along with a pair of thumbs. His roars are a mixture of sounds of several animals, including a crocodiles, alligators, lions, and tigers, but especially Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Jurassic Park films.

This version of the character is also one of his more intelligent incarnations as he is capable of thinking rather clever ideas in order to obtain money, and he tries to kidnap Angel. He is an illegal genetic experiment created by Dr. Hamsterviel in an attempt to create a monstrosity whose only purpose is to destroy large cities and "steal everyone's left shoe but, he's creating an "reptilian version" of 626. Terrorcroc is a genetically-engineered, monstrous, reptilian experiment. He is voiced by Chris Sanders in original series and Ron Perlman in anime in English dub.

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