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642(#1) Tooney

Designed to bring any drawing to life and cause them to create massive cartoon-like violence like, for example, dropping an anvil, piano, etc. from a building. Capable of altering reality to cartoonish effect. He's also a great artist and an expert in cartooning and animation. He is a fast runner, good jumper. He can use his tail to swing from trees, and can climb walls.

One True Place:
Running his own institute called The Toons Institute for Cartoons with (Experiment 112 - Toons) in Toons's Son

Description/Other Information:
A purple weasel-like experiment with huge ears with denim blue markings, marking on back of skull, three pronged hair, Toon-like eyes and a voice like Stitch, but clearer, and a bit Mickey Mouse. In his alien form, he has four arms and two antennae, but no spines.

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