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Able to speak 20 different languages and lift over a thousand times his own weight.

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Description/Other Information:
carlet Red experiment with a Stitch-like shape, his ears are fluffy somewhat, with two different shades of a darker red on his ear tips. He has two antennae that don't retract, as well as three spikes on his back that do not retract. He has a silver collar and turquoise eyes. Also a symbol resembling an "A" is on his forehead. He can grow two extra limbs (arms) if needed.

He's very smug and show-offy, but can have a cheerful personalty if the mood strikes him. He doesnt get along well with many, and prefers to stay in a small crowd.

Experiment 644 was created at the purpose of trying to recreate and strengthen experiments 636 and 637, after improving his strength and intelligence, the scientists came back to find he had escaped his testing container, broken in half, and was no where to be found. He hides from them by becoming one with a family of three, a girl named Ginger and her parents.

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