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648(#1) Sara

Designed to made to cause mass destruction through the use of elemental powers. Genetic background makes her nearly invincible to all weapons, including guns, bombs, blades, lazers, lava, acid and plasma. Possesses super senses of hearing, smell, sight, and the strength to lift 10,000 times her own weight. She can hear someone's breathing from 3 thousand miles away, can smell scents from up to 9 miles away, and can spot a jemstone the size of a quarter from 10 miles away. Her claws and teeth can puncture anything, and she has night-vision and heat-sensing vision.She can also climb walls, roll into a ball, and her antennae and back spikes can release electricity. When stiffened, her back spikes act as blades, so she can cut through anything as she rolls around in a ball. Sara plans to protect and help out the innocent for the rest of her life, and doesn't want to return to her evil ways ever again. Her only weakness is music, and she is an expert when it comes to weapons. She is put in a sleep-like state when exposed to Celtic music (harps, guitar, flute, etc.), and has a soft spot on her stomach. (Direct hit to weak spot can either stun her or knock the air out of her, leaving her unable to act for a few moments.)

One True Place:
In the episode show "Life with Louie" in a hidden episode as Jeannie Harper's voice.

Description/Other Information:
Sara resembles a cross between a koala and a dog with red fur, magenta/primrose claws, toes, nose, stomach, around eyes, and tips of antenna and ears, red hexagon-shaped jewels on forehead and chest, black eyes and back spike tips.

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