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668(#1) Fred

Designed to inject people with DNA from multiple experiments, which renders them unconscious pitting them against their inner evils and fears with 668 watching while morphing them into experiments, if they win they have control over their new form, If they lose their evil side get's full control, if it's a draw then thy are still in control but, their evil side can take over in moments of intense rage or sadness.

One True Place:
Dehydrated and in jail.

Description/Other Information:
Created by Hamsterviel by manipulating DNA from Leroy (and all the experiments that he captured) left on his cape. He looks like Stitch but with needles instead of claws, is red with green stripes (like Freddy Krueger) everywhere except on his head which is pink and hairless, wears a cow boy hat, and talks in a deeper voice. 668 has the same exact powers as stitch but they're 10 times stronger in addition to his DNA injecting abilities.

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