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662(#1) Tat

Tat can lift 3,000 times his size, is very fast, night vision and can climb walls, as well as fly. Also has acute hearing. His flaw is water.

One True Place:
Living with his parents in Lilo's house.

Description/Other Information:
A little smaller than Leroy, looks exactly like Leroy, except he has wings and no bent antennae. He’s the son of Leroy and Sheila. Her voice and personality is like a higher-pitched and softer version of Stitch’s voice. His friends are Loli, Rose, Ray and Kuikawa and his enemy is 621. He likes playing with his friends He dislikes/fears making mischief, 621.

Tat is what Jumba calls a ‘special class’ because he is the offspring of two experiments. The son of Leroy and Sheila, he inherits traits from both, such as the ability of flight from his mother, and the frilly ears from his father. However, because Tat’s parents have the same abilities, with the exception of his mother’s flight, Tat’s strength and speed equals theirs. He also can fly, except unlike Sheila, Tat’s wings do not turn into spines on his back. However, Tat’s personality does not match that of his destructive power. Indeed, he is fast friends with Loli and Kuikawa whom he grew up with, and he offers to help them go after Experiment 621.

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