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651(#1) Sheila

Designed to like a slightly less strong Stitch with the ability to swim and fly. She can lift two thousand times her weight, fly, swim, has hearing like a dog, super agile, night vision, climbing. Like Angel, Sheila’s emotions sometimes get in the way of her judgement.

One True Place:
With Stitch, Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Yuna, Ani, Angel Leroy, All of Experiments, and All of Us

Description/Other Information:
Sheila is exactly like Stitch (without wings) except pink in color and reverse notches in ears. Her voice is like Angel’s, but clearer. Sheila can speak English very well. She is kind, but vicious at times. She is very loyal to her Ohana, but sometimes second-guesses herself or acts on her emotions, rather than thinking things through. Her friends are Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Ani, Yuna, Evile, Suno, Brownout, Stitch, Angel, Reuben, Mamf, Leroy, Dark-End, Blacke, All of Genetic Experiments, Jumba, Pleakley, Nani, and David. Her enemies are Gantu, Hamsterviel, and Delia. Her love interest was originally Stitch, later Leroy. She likes Leroy, belonging in a family, spending ‘girl time’ with Angel and sometimes Lilo & Keoni, and loves capturing/chasing down experiments. She dislikes/fears Angel at first, but they soon become friends once Sheila realizes Stitch has no interest in her. Also fears losing control of herself—that one day her tendency to act irrationally may hurt someone.

Made to be a better version of Stitch, Sheila was accidentally activated during a storm. Though she looks like a pink Stitch, there are a few differences between her and 626. Sheila possesses the ability of flight. By concentrating, the three spines on her back split and grow into large, bat like wings. Also, Sheila has an advanced language program. Unlike most experiments, however, Sheila was activated during the kidnapping of Lilo, by an escaped (and newly improved) Hamsterviel. She had very little time to cause trouble, because Stitch asked her for help. Though Leroy had joined the good side, Stitch still needed an extra person, to make things a little easier. However, Sheila didn’t listen at first, and did attack Stitch, only to be tackled and held down by Leroy. The two quickly realized Sheila wasn’t as strong as Stitch. However, she COULD fly, which is when Stitch decided to take her along in the rescue mission. After Lilo & All of Us rescue, Sheila became close friends with Stitch, Leroy and the others, and developed feelings for Stitch. However, these feelings didn’t last, as Stitch proved he cared for her as a cousin and friend only. Currently, she has no love interest, but she’s begun to notice the special interest Leroy has taken in her, so with time she’ll most likely turn to him for love. As it stands, Sheila is a vital part of the ‘experiment-catching’ team (Lilo, Stitch, Leroy, Angel and Shelia.)

After the fiasco with 627, Jumba went back to Stitch’s design, as he was the only experiment who had been a real success/in control/still chaotic despite being tamed. He decided to tweak the design when creating 628, such as adding the ability of flight, as well as making her slightly less dense so she can float in the water. To do that, he had to decrease her strength, but not by much.

Jumba wanted to prove he was still the best evil-genius scientist out there, and wanted to also make up for the 627 disaster.

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