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658(#1) Radar

Vampire-like: DNA transferer He has enhanced night vision, radar senses, bites someone and his fangs turn a luminous pink, because they contain DNA. Then he releases that DNA into the next person he bites, if he wants to. Also has the ability to remove it with the mark on his forehead. He cannot function well/see in daylight. His sight is exceptionally well during the night—radar vision, hence his name. His large ears function like a bat's.

One True Place:
Helping the army with his advanced senses.

Description/Other Information:
Radar is a little larger than Stitch, he has light gray fur. Two large fangs hang from his upper mouth, a strange white diamond shaped mark on forehead, with a second smaller diamond shape inside it. Also has black gliders attached to under each of his arms. Two arms, very long claws, can climb like Stitch. Two black stripes on head. His voice is like Stitch’s, but more screeching. Doesn’t speak English well. He is tough, sneaky, loves to cause trouble.

His friends are Stitch, Lilo, Keoni, Jam, Victoria, Snooty, Yuna, Ani, Angel, Leroy, Sheila, Beam, Reuben, Jumba, Pleakley, Scrump, BooGoo, Dark-End, Suno, Blacke, Mamf, Evile, All of Experiments, and All of Us. His enemies are Delia, Gantu, Hamsterviel. His love interest is Beam. He likes Beam, watching horror movies, dark places. He dislikes/fears the light.

Radar is a very unique experiment, like any Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Ani, Yuna, and Stitch have ever encountered. Perhaps that is because Radar has the capability to mutate anyone he can sink his fangs into. He is a bat-like creature, complete with radar-vision. Like most experiments, Lilo, Stitch, Leroy, Sheila, All of Experiments & All of Us were not quite sure how to catch him. Tracking him, contrasting Beam, was easy. They just had to follow the trail of mutated creatures. In fact, when they first encounter 658, he had just sucked up some DNA from a nearby frog. When the gang went to attack him, Radar managed to bite Leroy, altering him with the frog genetic material. The others also try to attack him, but Radar went deeper into the cave he was hiding in. Because he was built with just night vision, 658 could stay there as much as he wanted, and, complete with his acute bat-like ears, could tell when someone was approaching and attack them. Lilo and the others return home, and ask Jumba to return the genetically twisted Leroy to normal. However, Jumba tells them the only way to do that is to get 658 to remove it with the mark on his forehead. Jumba also tells them Radar’s one weakness-light. Because of his enhanced night-vision, his eyes are very sensitive to the sun’s rays. Therefore, Lilo forms a plan. She gathers all of the experiments who can generate an amount of light, to lure 658 out of his cave. Once he is out of there, he will come face to face with the sun. Then, it’s up to Stitch, Sheila and Leroy to pin him down. Leroy even uses his new jumping ability (which he inherited from the frog). Once they catch him, Lilo & Keoni makes him return everyone he’s mutated back to normal.

Clearly, Jumba was watching too many horror movies while creating Radar. Though he is excellent at transferring DNA from one organism to another (and therefore mutating it) he looks and functions like a vampire.

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