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663(#1) Ray 2

Designed to He can move at the speed of light, become a living wind current, transfer DNA and remove it. If unable to get a running start, cannot transform.

One True Place:
Living with Mr. Kolini, the archeologist, and his parents.

Description/Other Information:
663 Ray 2 is a little smaller than Stitch, he’s gray in color, bat-like ears, two antennae above his eyes, gliders under his arms, two arms, black lines running down large ears and underside (on underside, it first forms as a ‘collar’ around his neck), short stubby tail. He’s the son of Radar and Beam. His voice is very shrill. He is tough with an attitude. His friends areStitch, Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Yuna, Ani, Angel, Leroy, Sheila, Reuben, Jumba, Pleakley, Scrump, BooGoo, Dark-End, Suno, Blacke, Mamf, Evile, Loli, Tat, Rose, Kuikawa, All of Experiments, and All of Us. His enemies are 621. He likes causing trouble He dislikes/fears being reprimanded, 621

281 Ray is what Jumba calls a ‘special class’ because he is the offspring of two experiments. The son of Radar and Beam, he inherits traits from both, such as his mother’s antennae above his eyes, and his father’s gliders under his arms. Ray is really a mixture of his parents when it comes to abilities. Although he has the ability of DNA transferring, he lacks permanent night vision. He can move at the speed of light, but cannot turn into a laser beam. Instead, he can almost turn into a living wind current, because when he glides while moving very fast, he appears to be invisible. Ray also plays a part in going after Experiment 621, as he befriends Loli, Kuikawa and Tat while they were chasing 621 one time, because they ran into him.

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