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653(#1) Rose

Rose's powers are advanced language program, advanced break in abilities, smart. Her flaws are no real superhuman abilities other than intelligence.

One True Place:
Living with her parents at Nani’s house.

Description/Other Information:
Rose is smaller than Stitch, looks like Bonnie except she’s Clyde’s colors. Her underside and the insides of her ears, as well as the ‘V’ on her forehead, are the same color as Bonnie’s underside, insides of ears, and ‘V’. Also does not have markings on arms and legs. Has a large tuft of hair on her forehead. She’s the daughter of Bonnie and Clyde. Her voice is a little high pitched, with a slight Italian-like accent. She is a leader and a risk- taker, she is loyal to her friends and family. Her friends are Loli, Tat, Ray, Kuikawa. Her enemy is 621. She likes putting her mind to work. She dislikes/fears being looked at as weak, 621.

Rose is what Jumba calls a ‘special class’ because she is the offspring of two experiments. The daughter of Bonnie and Clyde, she inherits traits from both, such as the ‘V’ on her forehead from her mother, and the two extended teeth on her lower jaw from her father. Although she possesses very little physical strength, Rose makes up for it in her wisdom. Also, she has an advanced ability for breaking into places. This trait proves very helpful during Loli and Kuikawa’s rescue from 621’s ship, where she, Tat, and Ray had to get past the guards and security system, which, if caught, could prove highly dangerous.

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