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Like a better, more efficient version of Sparky. He is almost a living lightning bolt. Has power emitting from his body, causing him to glow slightly. Can levitate, and black out entire cities. He has no ‘nice’ gene, like 627. As such, he’s evil.

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Description/Other Information:
Voltage is five feet tall, his main fur color is white, but his tail is bright yellow. He has four arms, two of which look like gray pinchers. He has large black rims around his eyes, and a long muzzle, with two extensive fangs jutting from his upper jaw. Two gray antennae with black ends on top of head. Wears a black suit, decorated with lighting bolts.

Voltage's voice is gravelly, and low-pitched. He is evil, just like 627, except he can speak other words than “Evil”. He likes destroying things. He dislikes/fears being challenged and dehydrated

Voltage is similar to Sparky in his ability to create mass power surges. However, he is much meaner, and stronger and more powerful. He was created during a time of power lapses in Hawaii. Jumba thought he was being helpful, by creating an experiment to restore the power loss. However, he was in such a hurry that he forgot to add the capability of being turned to good in the DNA code! This was realized only after 671 was completed and activated. Stitch, Leroy, and Sheila tried to stop him, but were not successful, as each suffered an extreme electric shock. Hence Lilo naming him Voltage. Voltage was also a lot bigger than the other experiments, at least twice as tall, maybe more. In truth, it is Sparky who challenges him, because Sparky was jealous of the power 671 possessed. Also, Sparky was the only one immune to the electricity radiating from 671’s body. They fought, and the result almost ended Sparky’s life, but did put a stop to Voltage, having him permanently dehydrated.

Voltage is made by a hasty and not very focused Jumba.

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