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665(#1) Rascal

He’s a bit of a delinquent who uses his mouth for a weapon. He and a ‘unique’ vocabulary. Loves to cause chaos. He possesses incredible speed and durability. He is a delinquent. Also, not very physically strong. His sight is one large eye, normal sight.

One True Place:
Currently jail.

Description/Other Information:
Two feet tall. Looks like a mixture between a monkey and a cat. Orange in color. Has one black eye in between forehead and area where snout/nose would normally be. Has turquoise wings. Usually wears a suit of a gray color, with wires sewn in to help him complete his missions. Also has long orange tail.

His voice is adolescent, (a little like Sonic the Hedgehog in the SatAM series), very quick, always with a snicker behind his words. He is edgy. He’s a bit nasty and difficult to get along with, because he loves to insult/swear at people. His enemies are Delia, Gantu, Hamsterviel….but he isn’t exactly friends with Stitch, Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Yuna, Ani, Angel, Leroy, Sheila, Beam, Reuben, Jumba, Pleakley, Scrump, BooGoo, Dark-End, Suno, Blacke, Mamf, Evile, All of Experiments, and All of Us. either. He annoys everyone. He likes trouble, chaos, destruction, irritating people. He dislikes/fears the law, jail, having his freedom taken away.

He was a pretty easy catch for Stitch, as he does not have any superhuman strength. However, Nani refused to keep him around the house, and Lilo refused to let him be taken by Gantu, as she wanted to find the one place he belonged. However, for now he would spend his time in prison with his cousins, Bonnie and Clyde.

Jumba loves chaos. Because 102 Stopgo is so small, nimble and quick, he’s the perfect distraction/diversion. He also irritates people easily.

Early in Jumba’s career, but he wasn’t activated for long, for he drove Jumba crazy. Only in emergencies where Jumba felt his mad scientist’s lab was in danger from being discovered did he re-activate 665, to distract Gantu and co and throw them off track.

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