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690(#1) Handy

Handy is a master mechanic, strong, smart. He is clumsy, rather slow-moving

One True Place:
Helping repair cars at the gas station.

Description/Other Information:
Handy is purplish-blue in color, long ears with multiple notches, taller than Stitch by two feet, four arms, two hands extending from the wrists on each arm, long tail, wears a brown jumpsuit with a bandana around his head. Has antennae no head, with two smaller antennae on top of that.

His voice is more human sounding. Does have that Stitch-sound in it, but it is faint. His voice is lower pitched. He is surprisingly kind, Has a strong sense of right and wrong. His friends are Stitch, Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Yuna, Ani, Angel, Leroy, Sheila, Beam, Reuben, Jumba, Pleakley, Scrump, BooGoo, Dark-End, Suno, Blacke, Mamf, Evile, Sparky, All his Gas Station Buddies, All of Experiments, and All of Us. His enemies are Delia, Gantu, Hamsterviel. He has a strong bond with Lilo. He likes repairing cars—he’s fascinated with how different they are than space-ships, and loves using his brain. Also loves being visited at the gas station by Lilo. He dislikes/fears whenever his extra hands get in the way, or when his kindness is rejected.

Experiment 690 was designed to be a master mechanic, designing and repairing war ships. To help him complete each task, Handy has an extra set of hands attached to his wrist, facing opposite the other hand on every one of his four arms. 690 possesses a great deal of strength and expertise, however, his appendages also make him a bit clumsy, so he prefers not to get into a fight. Aside from that, 690 saved Lilo while trying to evade his capture. The buggy they were using had blown a fuse, and caused it to go out of control. Stitch was thrown from the ship, but Lilo was trapped inside. Handy could have easily escaped, but instead went back, pulled Lilo out of the vehicle, and carried her to safety before the car crashed into a tree. Then he took the responsibility of fixing it for them.

To repair technical damage to Jumba's lab.

Made in Jumba’s spare time. Not AS much thought was put into 690, as Jumba was excited to get started on Experiment 621. However, the lack of thought worked well in 620’s favor: he got all the skills and know-how, with little of the chaos his cousins have.

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