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692(#1) Demonster

Originally limited time travel, other than that, unknown. His powers are other than time travel, newer functions include speed strength, radar vision, all of the experiments’ abilities up until 692. He’s evil. His genetic code was mutated, as something was put into it when he was first created (who did this remains unknown.) The only thing that can take down his mutated form is a more powerful force than himself…. He has special vision that allows him to see the space/time plain, so he knows which path to travel that will lead him to a specific moment in the past.

One True Place:
Because of the threat he posed, he had to be killed.

Description/Other Information:
Originally, 1’ 6”, over ten feet once mutated. Dark, dingy turquoise color. Short ears, black horns behind the wild tuft of hair on his forehead. He has large black wings like a bat, and eight arms, complete with very long and very sharp claws on each one. Also has a long, thick tail with sharp black spines, wears black shorts once mutated. Black eyes, red irises.

He doesn’t speak often, but when he does, his voice’s low and raspy. Before, it was higher pitched and squeaky. Before, he was a curious, obedient experiment. Now, he’s evil. His friend was Jumba. Once he turns evil, everyone becomes an enemy. He did love to explore and investigate new environments. Now, he likes power. LOTS of power.

Some of the following experiments mention will appear later on.) Experiment 692 was the only experiment that had to be killed, because of his immense power. When he was created, something was put into the DNA code by accident. Whether or not it was Hamsterviel who did it remains a mystery. 692’s original design is unknown, but they were simple. The only known function was brief time travel. In addition, he was the only experiment with such a function, because of what happened to him. On 692’s first trip back in time, he encountered experiment 698, and a rare chemical that only existed in that era. He was relatively helpless at the moment, and the chemical briefly knocked him out, where he was found by a grown up Lilo and Stitch. They saw him off to the past again, along with 698. However, the chemical mutated the altered DNA code, on his trip back, causing him to mutate, and send Experiment 698 into the past. 692 was also sent back to the wrong time, and met up with Lilo and Stitch, instead of returning to Jumba’s lab, which was the place he had left. Lilo and Stitch tried to fight 692, but they failed, and Stitch was nearly killed. For a time, in fact, they thought he was. In order to defeat him, Experiment 658 (Radar) transferred a bit of DNA from every experiment into Experiment 698, transforming him into the ultimate experiment. 692 was killed, but 698 was stuck in the past.

Jumba felt he could use 692 to go back in time and collect data that would benefit himself in the future (the typical gambling, collecting money, trying to get rich thing most people try to use time travel for.)

He was made after Jumba broke off his partnership with Hamsterviel.

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