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683(#1) Demon

Has all powers of Stitch, but she only uses them when she's angry. She breathes fire and is flame resistant.

One True Place:
In Custody.

Description/Other Information:
Quite similar to Stitch, and most of her fur is a flaming reddish-brown, with a darker pattern of splotches on her back. The fur on her front and around her eyes is a rich golden yellow, and the skin inside her ear is pale tan. Her nose is slightly pointed, and a deep velvety brown.

She has two large fangs, an orange forked tongue, four arms along with two brown spines on her back and red antennae which has the same yellow on the ends and droops over. Lots more fur grows at the top of her chest, which puffs it out a lot more than normal. Her ears are larger than his and are more petal-shaped, very pointy at the ends and curved at tips. More fur grows on her head in a tuft like a fringe, and under that between her black eyes is an unmissable feature: two short, pearly white horns. Each is only about 3 centimetres long, but they look very sharp. Her tail is puffy and resembles fire.

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