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Designed to stab her victims with her knife-like tail and saturate them with compressed CO2, which causes their bodies to swell up like balloons and explode into pieces. Wasp is able to swim very well due to her webbed feet and she can even swim very fast underwater.

She also can jump for very long distances and even though she has wings, they are very fragile and delicate due to their feathery and light texture and they are so weak that she is only able to fly for several minutes at a time; however, she is able to glide in midair for a prolonged period of time.

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Description/Other Information:
Wasp is a cross between Swirly and Babyfier with a rounded, spherical and bulbous head, small, beady, orb-shaped aqua blue eyes, black and white tufts of hair, webbed feet, retractable scruffy yet raggedy teal-turquoise wings, a teal-turquoise underbelly, dark cerulean blue fur and a long, skinny, gangling tail with a retractable crystal-shaped knife-like tip, which can be replaced with a lion like tail tuft.

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